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72" Roller Tool Box:
OS722519RC-BL Drawer Roller

Shown here with upgradable faultless casters, rated for 1200 lbs. each. 

Model #: OS552512RC-BL


•  Dimensions: 72" wide x 25" deep x 47" high

•  Available in Black and Blue (Change BL to BK to order Black)

•  Exclusive Patented Design

•  Shown with upgradable faultless casters  (H)

•  Faultless Casters are rated for 1200 lbs. each Tool Box frame uses 11 gauge steel for stronger chassis and supports the use of heavy duty casters

•  Double steel wall drawer front design gives greater strength and stiffness to each drawer (F)

•  Drawer back panel designed for rigidity to hold more weight without sagging or flexing

•  Double channel spot-welded support brackets on bottom underside of each drawer reinforce cabinet

•  The double channel support brackets also prevent sagging or warping

•  All drawers extend fully

•  Medium and large drawers have exclusive double-glide system for improved stability (C)

•  No spot welds on drawer fronts, hutch or side cabinet

•  Drawer latch assembly has patented self-adjusting spring lever action (B) 

•  Polished Aluminum Handles

•  Includes 23.3" deep drawers and stainless-steel top Drawer lock bar assembly uses single cylinder lock design for quick access (E)

•  Modular drawer design allows drawer configuration to be rotated (A)

•  Top Sub Weldment keeps the top of the box rigid and stable

•  Side cabinet support bracket mounts under tool box to give added support to side cabinet  - Optional

•  Rack mount power strip on hutch provides (6) AC power outlets, digital monitor connection  (G) - Optional

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