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OSAAP Mexico

We are a branch of OSAAP Technologies, based in Mexico

OSAAP Technologies offers a comprehensive menu of industrial/manufacturing organizational solutions.

We create software and manufacturing solutions to perfect the shadow board design processes. OSAAP Technologies offers a complete package. Our free design software and customer portal make it easy for you to create or request designs and track your order progress.


Since 2010, OSAAP has been providing custom shadow boards for industries such as aerospace, field service technicians, and any industry that requires that all tools and/or parts are accounted for before leaving a job site. This Branch, OSAAP America, was founded in 2015 and has worked diligently for 5 years to grow and learn about the shadow board industry. 

Our collective 10 years of experience offers you the best in quality shadow boards and expertise in providing the best quality shadow boards and foam inlays as a board-only or installed in cases/toolboxes, and ready-to-ship on-time and on-budget.

Contact us to learn more about our shadow board production processes and how we can best serve your firm.

sTEP 1: Image

Using OSAAP Technologies Light Panel Products, arrange the tools you need on the panel in any order.
With High resolution camera provided, capture a photo to use for designing your shadow board.

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