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Blue Shadow
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Blue Shadow imports .jpeg files of images taken on our light panel.  The frame of the light panel is used as a known datum allowing the software to scale everything inside the frame from the known dimensions.  Once scanned in, the CAD features allow for quick and easy design and layout of a Shadowboard.


Blue Shadow is based on a linear flow concept. Simply define the size, color, and thickness of the shadow board needed, import the .jpg of your tools and begin your design. Customize your board with easy to follow icons to straighten and align your tools. Slots for finger access can be added with two clicks of your mouse. Text can be customized and placed on your board with a range of fonts and sizes. Final check will highlight errors in red.  Tool files can be individually saved to allow you to build a database. When you are done save the shadow board file in our proprietary .bord format and email it to us.


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