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OSAAP America has come up with a new and inventive way to create shadow board designs!

If customers don't want to use a light panel to transfer their tools into the web portal and Blue Shadow they now have another option! The option is to trace the outline of their tools and import the scan of that trace into the web portal for the design team!

The process for our customers is quite simple! Just tracing their tools and scanning the image into their computer. Inputting it into the web portal for the design team to work on is quite simple after that!

Here is a tutorial on how the process works!

Our company has been defined as an essential business during the pandemic, because of this we have been able to stay open and complete orders.

All employees worked from home amidst the worst of the pandemic. However, as of late May most of our in-house employees have returned to the office.

We are taking extreme precautions to make sure that our facility stays clean and safe for our staff.

Precautions In Place:

  • Masks are required

  • Hand sanitizer must be used upon entering the building

  • Temperatures are being taken on rotation

  • Social Distancing: web meetings are still taking place in office to avoid being within 6 feet of one another

  • Office cleaning occurs more frequently

In office we have a stock of masks to be given to employees, friends, family and customers.


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